Nihan Haydaroğlu, who graduated from the Faculty of Economics (Eng) at Istanbul University, started her career in 1999 as an MT at Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş. She took part in various duties and responsibilities, from expert to director, and covering all loan processes, in the Corporate and Commercial Loans Management of Yapı Kredi Bank and its subsidiary Yapı Kredi Leasing. For the organizational units managed by her, she took the lead position in all projects as from organization structure to process flows, or from human resources to strategic development. During her 20 years of professional business life, she had received self-improvement as an indispensable part of her life, so she has constantly renewed herself with various trainings and studies and has decided to continue her career, in the fields of Management Consulting & Executive Coaching for Business Leaders, in these new horizons where she can use her knowledge and experience together. By taking the trainings of ‘Integral Development Coaching (ACC, ICF), Logotherapy, Spiral Dynamics, Mastership in Leader Coaching’; she focused mainly on the following topics ‘people, organization and value systems; agility and adaptability in today's VUCA world; corporate transformation and strategizing’ in addition to her knowledge on financial management. In this context, she provides guidance and consultancy services to organizations in their transformation journeys under the umbrella of HERA as Managing Partner.

Managing Partner

Evren Özbey, graduated from Kocaeli University Department of Economics, started her business life in 2004. She became manager in the 7th year of her career, all of which passed in the field of Corporate & Commercial Banking in the banking sector. Having experience in sales and team management in Yapı Kredi Bankası A.Ş. and Denizbank A.Ş., she served as the branch manager for 10 years at the Bank's branches, having portfolios consist of customers from Corporate, Commercial and SME segments. While continuing her corporate business life, she also took the titles of expertise (Subordinated to the Ministry of Justice) in banking transactions and processes and also coaching (ICF accredited) with the certificate programs she attended. At the same time, as ‘functional nutrition’ is her personal interest, she completed certification programmes of Functional Medicine Platform and CAA in these areas also. Currently, she is the Director of Business Development and Financial Applications at HERA and mainly advises on ‘growth strategies, access to financial resources, improvement of sales performance’.

Director of Business Development and Financial Applications

A. Özlem Arık, started her business life in 1991 and worked in the foreign trade and operation departments of Yapı Kredi Bank's Corporate and Commercial Banking branches. As the Corporate and Commercial Branch Operations Manager since 1999, she undertook Credit, Foreign Transactions, Cash Flow operations, Human Resources organization, career planning, personnel competency level determination, measurement and Administrative Issue activities. She coordinated the distribution of duties and training plans appropriate to the level of competence of the branch personnel by working with the management units. In this process, she worked as a trainer in the training department of the bank and gained experience. She took responsibility and actively participated in the integration of Yapı Kredi Bank & Koçbank merger project in 2006 with the Branches and in the following business planning stages in the fields of opinions, suggestions and technical knowledge. She also experienced the Corporate Banking branch, which carried out International Banking transactions between 2017-2020, and retired after 30-year business life as of September 2020. As of November 2020, she has been working as ‘Organizational and Operational Development Consultant’ under the roof of “Hera”.

A. Özlem ARIK
Organizational and Operational Development Consultant